What do you already have?

Jesus is teaching a large crowd of people and the disciples are worried about the fact that it’s getting late and the crowd is getting hungry.    They want to send the crowd away to nearby villages to get something to eat.

Instead, Jesus tells the disciples to feed them.  He ignores their concerns about how much food it would take and asks them ‘ How much bread do you have?’

This is the same type of question God asked Moses in Exodus 4 when Moses said the elders of Israel would not listen to him.  God asked him ‘What do you have in your hand?”

What did Moses already have that he could use?  How much bread did the disciples already have?  In both instances, God wanted to use what he had already given them in order to fulfill his purposes.

I think the same is often true of us today.  We think we need more skills or gifts or talents in order to really serve God.  But God has already given us what he wants us to have and he asks us to use it in his name.

 God’s question for all of us today is “What do you already have in your hand that you can use to complete the work I have planned in advance for you to do?’

What do you think?

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