It’s a Personal Thing

We just read how the woman who had bled for 12 years just touched the hem of Jesus’ robe and she was healed.
In today’s reading we see a much different healing. Jesus leads the man away from the crowd and puts his fingers into the man’s ears. Then Jesus spits on his fingers and touched the man’s tongue. As we continue to read about Jesus’ healings, we’re going to see him ask people to wash themselves to be healed and other people will be healed just by Jesus speaking the words.
Interesting – all of these people are healed but their healing comes in different ways. It’s just like Jesus could look into the soul of each person and know what it would take for this person to believe and to be healed. It’s like he knew how each person was different – some needed to be touched, others just needed to touch him and still others had to see actions or personally do actions for it to make sense to them.
It’s like he knew each of them personally. It’s JUST like that, isn’t it?
Just like he knows each of us personally today.

Dear Father, we thank you for creating us each uniquely different in your likeness.  We thank you for knowing us and loving us in a special, personal way.

What do you think?

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