Breaking Through

Have you wondered how people can say they heard God tell them something?

Do you know what it sounds like when Jesus talks to you?

This passage in John 10 tells us how to hear God’s voice.  Jesus tells us that he is the shepherd who calls his sheep by name and they follow him because they know his voice.

And how do we know his voice?  Because we know him.

We know his perspectives on things because we have studied them.   Some of them we have memorized.  Those are the easiest ones to remember because they are etched upon our hearts.

We know what he values because we have read those things over and over and are constantly trying to apply those same values to our own lives.   We know what’s important to him because we have meditated on his Word.  So when he speaks, his voice breaks through the cacophony of our lives and hits our hearts. 

We know what he says because we know him and we know his voice.

Thank you, dear Father, for calling us by name and making yourself known to us.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Carolyn Cates

    I love how you said “His voice breaks through and hits our heart”! The more we read and meditate, the more familiar and discernible His voice is, for sure! Thanks for breaking it down for us, Judy!

    I also love verse 27- My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. This verse came up on esword when I was doing a word search on Nahum 1:7, for “yada”, the Hebrew word for how God cares for us: knowing intimately and fully (also used for sexual relationship, it’s THAT close!). How blessed we are to realize that our Shepherd knows us that completely and intimately. Makes me want to follow more closely, how about you?!

    1. I agree with you – I think this whole passage is amazing. And it becomes more amazing when it starts happening – his voice comes through louder and more clear the closer we get to him. When I feel like I really need to hear from God on something, I know what to do – move in closer 🙂

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