Who has Short Arms?

“Are my arms too short?’ God asks Moses in Numbers 11.  Sounds like kind of a strange question, doesn’t it?

And I know God is asking us that same question today when we don’t see him answering our prayers so we take matters into our own hands……..and mess everything up!

Do we think his arms are too short?  He’s not powerful enough?   God can’t take care of the problems we are facing?  He needs our help?

Many of us fail to see God intervene and answer our prayers because we go ahead and  ‘take care of it’, messing up what God had planned.  We don’t persevere long enough to experience the blessing.

If we really, truly want God’s will to be done, we need to wait on him for his perfect timing.

And pray.

And grow our faith by staying very close to him every day.

And – when he answers – it will be worth the wait! 

We know that your arms are not too short, dear Father.  Please help us trust you more.

What do you think?

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