How often do we think about the hedge of protection God has placed around us?

God has promised that he is with us and we know he sends his angels to help take care of us.

Every once in awhile we get a glimpse of something that ‘could have’ happened to us but didn’t.  We see an accident or we read about something happening in a place we should have been but weren’t.

Most of the time we’re clueless.  God protects us, something bad doesn’t happen and we go on our merry way – not knowing that our Father God has just supernaturally intervened in our life to take care of us.

In Numbers 14: 4-10, Joshua and Caleb plead with the Israelites  go into the promised land despite the obstacles the spies had told them about.  Joshua tells the Israelites they will devour the people who are presently living in the promised land because their protection is gone and the Lord is with the Israelites.

But the Israelites rebel, don’t go and begin 40 years of wandering.

They just refused to trust.   They knew they had God’s protection, they knew all about his promises regarding the land of milk and honey that he was taking them to.  But they didn’t trust him. 

They trusted themselves – a very foolish thing to do, wasn’t it?

Thank you, dear Father, for your protection of us.  Please help us to trust you more.

 wasn’t it?

What do you think?

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