It’s a Festival!

Everyone goes to a designated place to celebrate, give their offerings and to remember what God has done for them.

What does that sound like?

I know what you’re thinking….but I just described the three major festivals the Israelites celebrated each year. 

Each year, all male Israelites were required to travel to a designated place for the Passover and Festival of Unleaven Bread, the Festival of the Harvest and the Festival of the Tabernacles. 

Celebrating Passover was a reminder of how God freed them from their slavery when the Angel of Death passed over their homes.  Then they celebrated the  Festival of Unleaven Bread the rest of the week to commemorate exodus and all God did for them during that time.

The Festival of the Harvest was a celebration where they gave freewill offering in proportion to the blessing the Lord had given them.

During the Festival of the Tabernacles they lived in tents as a reminder of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness.  They were told to celebrate and be joyful because God has blessed all the works of their hands.

Sounds like what we do every Sunday, doesn’t it?I was thinking about this last Sunday as we approached the location of our church and we saw all of the cars turning into the parking lot.

What a great blessing it is to be able to gather EVERY week to praise God, give him our offerings and remember what he has done for us!

And we don’t have stay in tents, either! 🙂

Thank you, dear Father, for giving us a place we can  go every week where we can celebrate you with other believers.

What do you think?

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