More Refreshed

Would you like more time to rest?

I know I would.

Everything has gotten so fast…….

So immediate……

I remember being told that computers were going to make our lives easier….feb 20 2016 refreshed


Computers and technology have grown the demands on our time….

so many options…..

so much information…….

less time to rest.

God instituted a Sabbath rest in Exodus 31 because, prior to this time, the Israelites had been slaves and never had a day off.

Now, God commanded that they rest on the Sabbath day just like God had rested on the 7th day after he finished creating the world.

He commanded that they rest so they could be refreshed.

And God desires the same for us today.  He wants us to set aside a day to remember what he has done for us.  A day to rest in his love.  A day to be refreshed by extra time spent with him.

We can make this happen if we try.

We can do our errands and chores on Saturday.

We can avoid scheduling a full day of activities on Sunday like it’s any other day.

We can prepare for Sunday by not staying out late Saturday night.

Then, on Sunday, we can spend extra time with our Bible open on our laps, talking and listening and learning from God instead of vegging out in front of our TVs or computers.

We choose.

And our choices determine how we feel when Monday  rolls around.

God desires that we are refreshed and rested.  He made a plan to help make that happen.

The rest is up to us.

Thank you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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